Production Operation

Printing Process

Printing Section
Printing unit is well equipped with necessary equipments including Auto Print Machine. We are capable to print various types including flock, discharge, emboss, sugar print, all types of stone and studs heat transfer and many special types of printing. We can print 200000 pcs/day.
 Machinery of Printing Sections
 Sl. No.  Machine Name  Total no’s
1 Auto Screen Printing Machine 03
2 Curing Machine (Dryer) 04
3 Manual Machine 08
4 Conveyer Dryer Machine 02
5 Heat Press Machines 04
6 Multi Color Flock 01
7 Squeeze Grinding 01
8 Washing Machines 03
9 Stretching Machine 02
10 Hand Flock Machine 06
11 Water Gun Machine 02
12 Exposer Machine 01
13 Flock Powder Cleaning Machine 02
Embroidery Section
Fakir Knitwears Ltd. Has sophisticated computerized embroidery unit with sequins, beading & roof embroidery. The embroidery unit is capable of 80 million stitches per day.
Total Production Capacity In Embroidery: 20,000 pcs/day
 Sl No. Machine Name Country of Origin Brand No of Head Total no’s
1. Electric multi head automatic Machine Japan Tajima 20 10
2. Fusing Machine Japan Hashima n/a 2
3. Applic Laser Cutter China Golden n/a 3

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