Production Operation

Knitting process

The knitting section is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery.   Fukuhara of japan, mayer and cie of Germany , and jung-long of Taiwan .  

The machines are equipped with special attachments to produce Lycra fabrics

A well-integrated system of stringer quality measures checks all fabrics meticulously to eliminate contamination and other faults.

We always believe that yarn is the core material for knitwear therefore we use best quality yarn from world renowned spinning mills. Our knitting section is well furnished with some modern equipments which is mentioned below:
Circular Knitting Machine : Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Auto Stripper & Jacquard.
Type of Machines Brand No’s
S/J Open width Masa, Jiunn Long, Mayer & Cie, Fukuhara 48
S/J Tube Dia Masa, Jiunn Long, Mayar & Cie, Fukuhara, Quantex, King Knit 49
S/J Mechanical Jacquard Jiunn Long, Santec 02
3th Fleece Fukuhara 02
Rib / Interlock Jiunn Long, Masa, Lein Yuan, Fukuhara 35
Engr. Stripe S/J Fukuhara 06
Engr. Stripe Rib / Interlock Fukuhara 01
Fabrics Inspection UZ-900-31, Proknit 11
Rewinding Machine SMEW-Filcono 01
Other Machine in Knitting Section:
Machines Name Brand Origin Quantity
Flat Bed Knitting m/c Stoll (Jacquard) Germany 10
Gray Fabric Inspection m/c Uzu cloth insp. m/c Thailand 05 pcs for open and 05 pcs for tube

We have also

  • Electric Balance for fabric weight 15 nos
  • Electric Balance for GSM check 20 nos
  • Winding machine 5 no’s


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