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  • Certificate of Achivement

    We are delighted to inform all members of Fakir Knitwears Ltd that we have been awarded the Prestigious Award of H&M, Gold Supplier-2016. more

  • Best Supplier in Quality-2016

    Fakir Knitwears Ltd was awarded by H&M as the Best Supplier in Quality-2016 and that is also two years in a more

  • Best Supplier, Brand Support-2016

    Fakir Knitwears Ltd was also awarded by H&M as the Best Supplier, Brand more

  • Public Disclosure

    Water, Energy, Natural Gas, GHG, Waste water data of year 2016, publicly disclosed by FKL.
    Water(m3): 1908964, Purchased Electricity(kwh): N/A, Natural Gas(m3): 20519873, GHG(co2 tons): 38721.098, Waste water(m3): 1473264, Waste generation(kg): more

  • Fakir Knitwears got National Export Trophy For the Year 2009-2010

    Consecutively Fakir Knitwears Ltd. again achieve the National Export Trophy in the year 2009-2010 for exporting the 3rd highest knit garment from bangladesh.
    Hon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Present the Trophy to The Hon. Deputy Managing Director Fakir Mashrikuzzaman Neaz. The Trophy was given at Osmani Milonayoton on 30th November more

  • New technology to help improve performance of RMG sector

    UK-based software company Fast React Systems, that develops easy-to-use planning tools for garment production environment, will start implementing its solutions at Fakir Knitwears Ltd in Narayanganj .By offering the right tools for the job, Fast React has helped businesses throughout Asia including India achieve great success with competitive local software savvy market.
    Faced with the high competition for order and demand from foreign buyers, Bangladeshi factories need to meet more

  • Message from the desk of Managing Director -F. A. Zaman

    Textile industry is the biggest and fastest growing sector in Bangladesh, which includes knitwear and ready-made garments along with specialized textile products, is the nation\'s number one export earner. Among these sectors, knit garment is growing rapidly due to smaller investment requirement, greater backward linkage facility & higher profit than woven garments. That\'s why export of knit garments is increasing steadily for last few years.

    Since our journey started in the more

  • Knitwear show in USA ends on high note

    "Many buyers did not have any idea about the quality of Bangladeshi knitwear of the present times," said F.M.Zaman (Neaz), Deputy Managing Director of Fakir Knitwears Ltd, a show participant. "They also have concerns about Bangladeshi infrastructure. For instance, they fear shipment delays. And we explained to them the present scenario of our country." more

  • FKL Managing Director Fakir Akhteruzzaman Got C.I.P Award for the year 2009

    Fakir Knitwears Ltd proudly announce that Our Managing Director Fakir Akhteruzzaman got the C.I.P award ( Commercial Important Person) from the Ministry of Business and Commerce in the year 2009. Hon. Commerce Min. Col. Farukh is giving the CIP card to our Hon Managing Director Fakir Akhteruzzaman. more

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