HRM & Compliance

Fakir Knitwears Ltd.- the award wining company

Fakir Knitwears Ltd. has a mission to fulfill by surpassing all the requirements of Humanitarian Management & to make its working environment a role model for others as "A BETTER WORKING PLACE" and unique in its field. Fakir Knitwears Ltd. do and will continue to operate the factory in FULL COMPLIANCE with all the applicable rules and regulations of native land as well as international standard. For improving the working conditions and setting a better working place;

FKL is maintaining the following COC issues:

* Prohibition of Child Labor
* Prohibition of Forced labor
* No Discrimination
* Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
* Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment
* Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
* Welfare facilities * Compensation & Benefits
* Working Hours
* Grievance procedure
* Environmental Protection
* Custom compliance
* Security compliance

Prohibition of Forced Labour:
The company does not practice any type of forced labor and also does not support such practices.

Prohibition of Child Labor:
As per company policy, no individual below 18 years of age is recruited.

No Discrimination:

* FKL employ and pay workers and provides benefits without regard to race,color ,nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status. Fakir knitwears Ltd. Ensures equal treatment for all workers in all matters.

OHS Management:
Fakir Knitwears Limited treats all workers with respect and dignity and provides them with a safe and healthy environment. Factory complies with all applicable laws and international standard and RMG industry standards of safety measurement to ensure a safe working environment. It developed a complete trained safety team supervised by MR to ensure the secured safe and healthy working environment in factory premises. Company directly mandates the provision of safe working conditions. It ensures that working place is free from hazards and risks that may cause any type of physical harm.

Disciplinary Practices/ Harassment:
As a company policy the environment must be free of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment.

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