Production Operation

Garments Process

CAD Section

First stage in the production line is the pattern making section. Our CAD division uses two software:
1. Lectra Software
2. Euro CAD software

Cutting Section

The second stage in line is the cutting section. In this section, materials are cut in the pattern determined and designed in the previous section.

We have automated system for cutting the pattern. We have TAKATORY and  LECTRA auto cutter machine.
Each machine has 40,000 PCS/ Day cutting capacity.
Our cutting division has 4 units.
Cutting Capacity in Cutting division is 3,50000 pcs/day

Sewing Section

The next stage is the sewing section. It has two steps. The 1st step being the sewing part uses various types of sewing machineries, while in the 2nd step, uses button hole & button attaching machineries to complete the making operation. Dynamic Industrial Engineering team is continuously developing the different methods to get the maximum productivity and efficiency from the sewing lines. Our Sewing machines are equipped with auto trimmers, Lock stitch Button stitch, Chain stitch machines and Auto Button Hole Machines.

We've well equipped training center which continuously producing the multi skill sewing operators which helps the production lines to face the challenges of any styles. All sewing lines are under constant and continuous inspection by quality monitoring team to generate the perfection.

To ensure the in time delivery & capacity planning we're using world renowned production planning software named ''FASTREACT''

Sewing Machines: 3046 no’s (Pegasus, Juki & Brother from JAPAN)
Sewing lines: 115 lines
Capacity: 3,00000 pcs /day.

Types of Sewing Machines

Machine Name Quantity
Plain Machine 1042 Pcs.
Overlock Machine 857 Pcs.
Flat Beed Machine 223 Pcs.
Cylinder Beed Machine 488 Pcs.
Button Hole Machine 30 Pcs.
Button Stitch Machine 31 Pcs.
Berttacke Machine 32 Pcs.
Zig Zag Machine 32 Pcs.
Rib Cutter Machine 35 Pcs.
Back Tape Machine 20 Pcs.
Snap Button Machine 43 Pcs.
Kansai Smock Machine 4 Pcs.
Kansai Belt Topsin Machine 11 Pcs.
Kansai Pukot Machine 4 Pcs.
Kansai Pikot Machine 9 Pcs.
Flat Seamer Machine 9 Pcs.
Thread Triming Machine 134 Pcs.
Thread Re coning Machine 6 Pcs.
Thread Sucker Machine 28 Pcs.
Stone Attach Machine 1 Pcs.
Show Button Machine 1 Pcs.
Back Sewing Machine 1 Pcs.
DCM Machine 1 Pcs.
PB Belt Machine 3 Pcs.
Bossplate Attach Machine 1 Pcs.

Finishing Section

At this stage products goes through various stages like removal of loose thread, folding etc & hanged with hanger & poly bag. Garments finishing section is equipped with steam press with vacuum table. The other finishing machineries are needle detector, thread blowing, strain removing, carton box striping etc.

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