Production Operation

Dyeing Process

To cope with present various requirements of world fashion trend we have equipped our dyeing department with the world’s best dyeing & finishing machinery.
The Process of Dyeing Sections
Batching is the process to get ready the fabrics which should be dyed and processed for a particular lot of a particular order. When the grey fabric roll comes from the knitting section or other source it is required to prepare the batch of fabric for dyeing according to some criteria like order sheet, dyeing shade, m/c capacity, m/c availability etc.
Machine In Batch Section
                No of Machine       :      06
                Machine Name      :     Air Turning Machine
                Origin                    :      KOREA
Dyeing Section
The company's ultramodern process house comprises the latest equipments and machinery in the world. Latest soft flow dyeing machines from SCLAVOS (Greece), FONGS (Hongkong), PMM (Turkey), ACME (Taiwan).

Machines can dye polyester under high temperature and pressure conditions. Producing dyed fabric without any piling due to low liquid pressure and double nozzle system, without putting any stress on the fabric. The following Table shows the total dyeing capacity:
Sl. No Machine Name Brand Country No’s
1 Winch Fongs China 15
2 Winch Sclavos Greece 02
3 Winch PMM Turkey 03
4 Winch Acme Taiwan 01
5 Digital PH Meter Hanna - 01
Total Dyeing Capacity: 50 Tons/Day
Sl. No Machine Name Brand Country No’s
1 Winch Sclavos Greece 21
2 Winch Fongs China 4
3 Winch Canler Turkey 01
Dyeing Finishing Section
We have both Open and tubeler fabric finishing line. To have perfect finishing on fabric we are using world class machine with most modern technology. .
Sl. No Machine Name Brand Country No’s
1 Stenter Bruckner Germany 01
2 Stenter HAS Turkey 04
3 Open Width Compactor Lafer Italy 04
4 Open Width Compactor Ferraro Italy 01
5 Open Width Compactor HAS Turkey 01
6 Tube Compactor Fab-con USA 01
7 Tube Compactor HAS Turkey 01
8 Slitting Bianco Italy 04
9 Slitting Corino Italy 01
10 Slitting I Kuang Taiwan 01
11 Calator Fab-con USA 01
12 Calator AKAB Sweden 01
13 Calator Kromson Turkey 01
14 Back Sewing MTG Italy 03
15 Senging Osthoff Germany 01
16 Brushing I Kuang Taiwan 01
17 Shearing I Kuang Taiwan 01
18 Rasing I Kuang Taiwan 01
19 Sueding Lafer Turkey 01
20 Dryer AMS Turkey 01
21 Dryer Obermaier Turkey 01
22 Dryer Dilmenler Turkey 01
23 Washing Ta Ting Taiwan 05
24 Washing - Bangladesh 03
25 Tumble Dryer Ta Ting Taiwan 07
26 Hydro - Korea 01
27 Hydro - Bangladesh 01
28 Plaiter I Kuang Taiwan 02
Total Dyeing Finishing Capacity: 60 tons/day

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